Reclaimed Spaces. (Part 1)

This body of work, set in South Wales, aims to give LGBTQ+ appearances a chance to reclaim and fill spaces. With so many negative experiences of glances, comments and more, the project takes control of this attention and utilises it to showcase the beauty in queer appearances. Each individual has a personal story that they bring to the portraiture. This is a project that is both a celebration and a stance. This is part one of the project, released during Pride Month. This project will expand over time and be updated in parts.

“There’s things you don’t think about. Suddenly the towel was placed on my body differently.”

“It’s kind of funny how fear and power become so woven with eachother. Being so visibly queer gives me so much strength yet makes me feel so vulnerable. The key is learning to harness the strength to keep the fear at bay.”

“I feel like in rural areas, the ideas of masculinity and femininity are more rigid. As queer people it’s scary to blur these lines, but arguably it’s these more rural areas where it counts the most to be visible”.
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